"Reviews...that, we are giving ... ourselves !"

Last couple of months was ALL about the reviews for Scopia and also ... reviews for my performance in this film...That got me to think about film review process : not just, when it comes to films, I'm starring in, but generally speaking...-overall:
What actually makes you a good film critic?Can People be really objective?
An opinion about film, that we have seen, is based and created on subconciously hidden reasons, situations and experiences, that we had previously, in our life? Think about it:
If I hate, for example:-) , horses, because I have fallen down and hurt myself, when I was little,
Can I really enjoy a film about horse riding and gracefully admire the film on the same level as person , who is completely non- emotional towards the subject ?
Or yet really excited about it?As... it works both ways actually.

So reviews for Scopia? They were very generous.Really good.Am I sound to you a bit suprised? Well,yes...And I will explain to you, why is that.
This partucular feature film has very complicated storyline, is very heavy to watch and certainly make you think about Your life, for a long while ..after you have finished it.
Not an easy experience.
I did not expect, so many People will see it and apreciate its own uniqueness...
If you haven't see THE SCOPIA EFFECT on ITunes check out the reviews here:

Maybe that would make you curious enough, to watch my baby all the way through...
I was so thankful to read so many wonderful, beautiful reviews of my performance for Basia
In Scopia and that is most rewarding feeling.Ever.
4 years of my work was appreciated so much.It really felt like was worth it, to spend every minute of my life all the way through the exhausing process ... on that production.

Do you see those 2 beautiful pictures above...?
Yes, You do.
They have been taken by wonderful photographer from my Homeland. Seeing them, I wanted them here.And so it is...
We " review" pictures, art, people, behaviour...all the time. Everyday. Concious about it, or maybe Not so much. It's basically more fancy word to describe " judgement "!
No more than that....I promise you.

Is it so important ...Wait, no:
It is MORE important what other people think....or what review we are giving to ourselves?
I will leave you alone with Your own answer.
Nevertheless, nice review is giving us that fuzzy,warm feeling in heart...It's nice.Feels good.

Love, Light, hugs....
Just Joanna