"Waiting for the O-N-E!"

Someone is chasing you?!
Waiting for the one day...one role,the ONE MAN.
"If only I can get this ONE (...), I will be happy than."- hearing this all the time and Thinking " who you're kidding?!Yourself -most of all!"

I actually don't wait anymore.
Doesn't mean I don't have dreams, goals and desires.I certainly do.
But one lucky day some time ago I let go of this unnessacary anticipation.

I had the same conversation, over and over again.
Someone from the industry, while trying to complement my acting performance in latest released for example X,Y,X...saying something about " The One ... it's your Big Break, you only need this one/next feature film, role and you can break through....!"break through what...?!
What's on the "other " side ? It's such a illusion...beautiful dream, still just a fantasy, nothing more.

I have done over 150 productions in my life, I made a living from my biggest passion ever, I got nominated for Best Actress for my baby SCOPIA EFFECT,which is out ...:
A feature film, that has changed my life have been shown to the world...
What else could I wish for?
Probably many things, but that will have no impact on how happy I am TODAY.
Right now.Or tomorrow.
And that's what I am concentrating more and more.

Carpe diem, friends...

From set....my "work" place...

I have this funny game, that I often play.
I say to myself, it today is my last day, what would I like to do?
Sometimes the answer is very simple. Yoga class. Ice cream. Sex.
Other times is a more complicated one: I want to be in Thailand.
No matter what it is, I look at the calendar and do it as fast as I can.
Many little things I could actually do right away...And You know what?
I do them, as guess what ?We ALL only live once.
And no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Something I heard lately, that I found interesting.
Having sense of humour, in, even, the most difficult situation can save you.
As it gives you " the right" -more healthy perspective...and sometimes
That's all you need!

Hug, xx