"Paris,Paris...uu lala!

I am an actor=I am a world traveller.I travel every year.
In 2014 I have spend 10 months away from home ( London, it is!).
I was filming in different countries, I was getting to know other cultures, and have met So many amazing,beautiful people on the way.

Always on the run.Rushing somewhere.
There is very exciting factor in my bubble, I must admit.
I love observing: people on busy streets, situations,...nature, if I'm lucky ...to find time to Visit beautiful places like this one below...

Water, lakes, ocean always has given me this special peace in mind/ soul/ heart.
So when I am stressed, firstly: as very special person C.S. taught me lately:
"Breathe, take a deep breath, deeper...once more"...I am breathing...or try not to forget about it.
And secondly: I am thinking about last time, I was lying on a beach, listing to the sea and Looking out here without much thought and wishing I can stop the clock....

What have I learnt from travelling for work?
I always thought one day I will be living my fucking dream:
As it's so excited to go to a meeting to Paris or to Berlin for casting,
Now it is my reality, and apart for the fact, that It can be tiring and stressful -it is fucking
Exciting!No doubt about that.
My dad always said to me: that an idiot, who travels will be always smarter than an idiot, who stays at home...:-) Not that I'm idiot!

I was 6 years old, when I went to Paris for the first time.And I have a feeling, I will be back.
And here we go. I was lucky to be back again and again.
First time I was living in London, when I was 16 years old...
Was walking around Trafalgar sq, I had a strong feeling/desire, again, I will be back, for longer than a month...It has been 7 years, since I am in my relationship with London and despite the fact, we have been through some truly tough TIMES, I am very happy.

The most exciting part for me, when it comes to travelling is, that I never know (Well,sometimes I do know actually) , if I will be back to live THERE...one day.
Is Bali my next home ?
I love that place.It's a paradise on earth.Time will show, where the next home is...Can't wait actually...They say, Home is, where the heart is...and I have been leaving pieces of mine
In too many places!

Acting has brought to my life so much uncertainty.And still does.Everyday.
And while it sucks, to be away for few month on filming location from everything you love, Away from People,whom I miss the most...:-( I do enjoy and celebrate the fact, that someone ( production company mostly) is paying for me to see the world...

See the world, it is a beautiful place!
Love to you all!
Very special hug for C.S...Thank you.