23.05.1984, no...!...2015


Seriously late with this blog...too much work, Shake it off, shake it off!

Numbers...I was never a slave of numbers or dates...Although I must say, I always do care about being on time, being reliable...and don't tolerate well, when "other people" are late ( = that always has been seen by me -as being very disrespectful) ....
Anyway- numbers, dates and round birthdays didn't mean much to me.
I spend my 30th in Jordan on a job,ha!...And yet I got another number...Clock is ticking -I'm 31.
I can't help, but wonder...Why older we get, more often we question : how much we achieved in our life?Whether we achieve enough? And where our life is going....all that...!
It is just a number, people !

It's really funny, as more I am progressing in my own messy head and learning, what life is really about -I must say with huge relief - I'm more relax about time that is passing by...
Is it make me happier? Yes!

Would I recommend for you guys..that you sometimes let go of pressing time,deadlines
And never ending goals....definitely! Y-E-S!And I'm subconscious, born and raised...
heavy, ...no super heavy " workaholic " Ha! -but in recovery :-)
Take a deep breath and let go...Just smile for your next coming birthday number, As you have survived another year! happy times....

I was ONE.And 30 years later...here I am.Writing my own blog.
Time flies inevitably...Whether we want it, or not.
Good 30 years, I must say.
With my beautiful mom.31 years blog or not, acting job or not...SHE is there!

And that's how it was this year.Had amazing day!
This year I was lucky enough to celebrate my B-day with one special person, that I love.To be very honest with you, Jessica and I don't really need special occasions to get together, as when someone IS in your your life constantly, You want to speak to them, see them, hug them and drink with them...pretty much All the time...Or having fast-foody McDonalds.
It was a great day, emotional - but a great day.

FYI...do you know, that in my Homeland ( Poland, if you don't know that yet)
It's way more popular to celebrate " name day " than your birthday?!
It's a concept, that is rather hard to understand for you, foreigners...
Well, everyday there is someone's name day- you have 5-6 names everyday that is shown in your calendar and every single person in Pl has one.You start the day with hearing the news from the world, the weather and ...name's day.And that you call " ALL JOANNA's " you know with special wishes, exactly like for B-days...Funny concept, huh?!

And you know why people in certain age rather celebrate Name Day than Birthday?
As with a name day has never been associated with ANY/ SOME number ( even embarrassing one...

When is you B-day?Or even better : When is Your Name Day, Baby?
Lots of love!