"Ich gehe nach Berlin!"

Actually, not going now..I already went to Berlin...It just took me a while to share the experience and thoughts with you guys: I like, when all my JUST JOANNA blogs are stuck in my head to tidy themselves up first.
So how was Berlin?
Well, I went there for casting during Berlin Film Festival, so quite exciting time to be in Berlin.
It was my first casting with new German Agent,which I signed with in December last year.
Therefore even bigger excitement and butterflies in my stomach...
I had to fly to Berlin for only one day, as had other commitments the day after and felt like it was such a " exotic " thing to do.
As I was always imagined, how cool it will be, IF one day I fly for a day for casting to Berlin, London or Paris, and just be in constant career movement ...in the air!
And yes, I was right, it is very cool!Tiring and for sure not as glamorous as I thought, But very,very...Cool!

Yet in movement, for the next and next and next location,I was thinking about travelling for work, How much time it takes me, and how unpredictable my life have become because of that aspect of my profession.

Yet, I'm coming to Berlin,Germany subject...
What I have learnt from that experience ?
Well, few things:
First of all - all we hear about Germans...that they are tidy, efficient,clean ( almost transparent) super organised, Not wasting anything nor any time!
Yes, that is so true - also in the film industry and I can't say I didn't like it!
Also...in Berlin...I felt you can be really different, you don't have to go with the flow and I like that too...Your own energy is welcomed there.Very open place.

Be different, huh?
My new tattoo! Of course, just an art work for new character!
I really, really loved it! Make-Up Artist A. have done such an amazing job and It looked very realistic.I don't have any tattoos yet, and don't think I ever will, but that was
As far as my excitement can go for the subject.
It was just really great to feel how make- up and costume help me to be my "butch character"
Girl...more details soon.

So I had a thought: What if...my last feature film was shot in Berlin, not in London?
How location ( and people, who happened to be there on THAT location -nowhere else in the wildest world,but there- in THAT moment?!) effects the final result?
Of course, skipping the obvious, that the film would looked different visually...
I can't help, but wonder- if make- up and costume effect my performance and " my being"
In character...how place and energy, that is surrounding us , has got to do with - what we create?Would the film be sooooo different in Bali?!
I guess I would never know...

So Berlin would fit to that scenario, or rather I -as character, would fit to that city with strange looking eyes, Dark features and black snakes all over...
I like Berlin.A lot.I like Germans.I have a strong feeling: I WILL be back!

Love you guys!More coming soon.