"Frenemies...or How to be friends with directors...?!"

Are we FRENEMIES with film directors or can we REALLY be friends with potential employers?

If you are a working actor, living in London ( that is always ...for centuries really - full of actors,)
It's good-not to say -it's a common sense, to know lots of directors...
Somehow, more I observe and think about it, than more I see - that directors are surrounded by "frenemies' actors...they need them, they work with them, but they are ALL a bit reluctant to create friendships- or friend-Relax relation...
And why is that?Well, there are so often bothered and hassle by so many of the " feather- leather" actors, no wonder there really want a bit of peace.
Although it's annoying to see, yet I am still going to networking events ( last night even -in SoHo), And I'm kind of open to meet as many people as I can...yet enjoy my friend's company, my drink and just have a good time= while making a professional connection...

So what's my friendships with film/ TV directors in the UK/Us?
Well, first rule I have is, to keep things separate.
Work is WORK.Drink is DRINK.
It should be a rule in any case really anyway...

I enjoy woking with the same teams, directors included, over and over again!
Yet there are the one, that re- hire me again....Thank Goodness.
Naturally, within time - If we get on well , on and outside set location, we are becoming friends and socialising quite often too.
I realised that more often than not, I will keep talking, obsessing about work with " Them" since it's a huge passion, we share and they really know, what I am talking about ...However
-after being careful with that idea...
( Since I work way too much and wanna have a break sometimes),at the end, I decided to relax about the whole idea, and realised, there is nothing wrong with chatting endless amount of hours about something love....as long as both sides have fun!

So, when it comes to question : work with friends in creative industry?
Yeah, go ahead! As long you...are able to close the friendship window for few hours, And be professional - than I don't see a potential " No, no!"

On the flip side, you never know - when they are going to call with your dream role inside dream script, and that is probably why most of actors have a problem to just let go and move on... Or leave them alone, for eternity.

I think, for directors -when comes to choosing their actors, it's a little bit like with clothes shopping...It needs to fit, you want them, it works, there is the spark or not...and that's about it!

Love & hugs.
Just Joanna