"Boobies ...all around!" Get naked or not?!This is a question.....

Well, THIS is the most I am gonna SHOW, at least...here,on my JUST JOANNA :-)
Let's TALK about being naked,shall we?
"Nipple Free!" I keep hearing it all the time, all around.
Clothes-less,please... Actors,Models...That's always gonna be a contro-subject.
BBC writers for Drama Room are more tempted to get actors naked now and then, in even more dramatic way then ever before...And when I say actors, more often than not, I mean female actors...
Of course...

Boobies...I see it everywhere.And I don't mind. I really don't.
The moment a bit sun came to my favourite London, for girls, it became almost irresistible to not show it all, so reluctant to hide anything at all, for that matter...
(And believe me, I am one of them!)

That though, takes my mind instantly to following question...
How that new open approach to nakedness effect my film industry bubble...?
As, rightly so, film/ TV is a good ( maybe sometimes a bit crooked ) mirror for surrounding us reality...
I remember very well, when I left casting, few times actually-in my long lasting career- saying something like that: " I am very sorry, but I have no intention to rescue lame storyline, a poor script with many, many holes - with my naked body...As frankly, I don't see a reason, why my "character" should be standing completely clothes- free in the kitchen in the middle of day cooking lunch...No way!
Some aspects in acting will remain non-negotiable.For me.

I can't help,but wonder, when sex or being sexy and naked become so powerful?
Probably just before Elizabeth Taylor...somehow, nowadays is not a closed subject anymore.
It's all open and allowed.
Would I get naked for a good script/ good role?
Sure.I did already, but there has to be a GOOOD reason for it...And naked to be naked does not a reason make ...I feel, it just would be a move towards slight different industry.

When it comes to be completely see-through, I rather stick and concentrate on emotional side of me.Get emotionally naked.Vulnerable and fragile...And to be very honest with you,personally for me,More often than not- that type of nakedness is much harder to do and achieve. And cost so much more.

When you think about it, what is so frightening about being naked on camera?

I remember funny situation on Scopia set, when DOP suggested for all crew to get their clothes off, so Joanna feels more comfortable...very Tarantino style.No, It didn't happened.
Get naked or not?
Well, my answer is: if it's worth it and ...if it feels right for the production, role- than Y-E-S ..go ahead.

Off my iPad Pages, I will tell you, I much rather get naked one-on-one..
Way more fun!

Hugs and kisses