"Run FOREST....run..!"

Why we run? Someone is chasing us...or ?
What I think about, when I think about running?
Or as my favourite writer, Haruki Murakami says: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running ( check out this amazing book, that changed my life:-)

"I've always done whatever I felt like doing in life. People may try to stop me, and convince me I'm wrong, but I won't change.” HM

Running, Huh?
I feel I have been running all my life.
Literally.I actually run marathons.But there is different kind of " running " I wanna TALK about.
Run-ning aROUND!
I have been feeling so restless lately ( from January per say...)Is that what living in London does to an actress after almost a decade?! I have finished 2 films this year ( pictures from set below) and working on another 2...
This week : 2 new castings and a meeting with feature film director to discuss my new role - a taxi driver;-)And was working hard on JUST JOANNA. And you know what?
It feels like it's not enough.Na-da.Not even close to be ENOUGH.
My point is...where is this all GOING?
I like to stop sometimes for a brief New York minute and think:
How lucky I am...Because most of the time, like other 8 millions Londoners I run and even if I want to, somehow I cannot stop...

From film set to next film set, which is well-known as ...location,location,location...
I realised I am missing out on something important.Something BIG.
I think it's called life.
We are all making choices, and I learnt long time ago To choose, what truly make me happy, And never ever regret any of those decisions.
However, there is always a price.
As much as I wanted to - a day will always have only 24h...
To do more than I can handle each day, I am on this unstoppable curve of energy, that push to run even faster.
Good luck to me.

After a brief moment, when I was strongly concentrating, where is THIS all going...
I reminded myself acting and working as actress does really made me satisfied, full- filled and happy...Even I have some shitty days.
I'm not gonna lie about it: My relationship with acting is not perfect: it's abusive, full of rejection and tears...it's so unpredictable and unsafe.
But when it's good, its gooooood...JUST a Dolce Vita.
Stop.Think.Made a decision:Keep going? Yes!Why?It's JUST worth it.

From casting to casting.From set to set.
Running is good for now.
As long as it makes sense and as long as is giving that warm feeling in heart.My butterflies.
Only as long as...
Listen to your Butterflies.THAT feeling is never wrong.

Hugging you,