"You can be right and You can be happy!"

How you, possibly, can be wrong or unhappy about anything...In Bali?! I miss my peaceful Bali mind...Has it really been a year?!When...How...

If you can choose, to be right or to be happy- with full consequences, that follows after - what would you choose?The answer seems to be so obvious.

I actually switched the sides, only a bit more than few months ago.
I always liked to be right.
Now I will happily, give up the gun and say " I am sorry, I was wrong - please forgive me."
And I am genuinely felling happy with that approach to life or ...happier, at least..!
As naive 16-teen, those " I was wrong" words wouldn't go smoothly through my mouth.Shame.
Life is a continues lesson.

How it is, to be an actor, that is " always right "?
It's damn hard to work with, that's for sure- I can tell you that.
Yet, I am meeting THEM all the time, everyday... Someone " knows the best".
Is it really that important, to be right in every situation? Wouldn't you rather be happy
And let go a bit of this heavy Post-It Note " I am always right, listen to me" ?!!
No, ok. I understand not everyone can reach that state just yet..If are not ready, you not ready.

Older I get, than more often I realised, it's really not worth sometimes to fight, to prove a point,
To be so proud...more and more I am catching myself thinking " Oh, fuck it- I did my best,
Rest of it - it's really not in my hands, I smile and I move on.

As I am a heavy workaholic, as you all know well by now, the harsh and protective approach to my work can harm my career in the long run...How, well - do you think directors/ producers can or want constantly battle about every word in the script...Believe me, people will think twice, before they would work again with actor like this...Even it all comes from a good place.Because I care so much.

I still kept an element of protecting shell over my characters.
Even after just a first step, after casting process -I honestly worried the other actors will do it all wrong.I become super protective over my roles and characters.
Within time, It goes away.Eventually everything goes away...

There is one thing,that's really worth to have in mind:
Being flexible, and open about your work, listening to others you work with, Can bring you lots of benefits...See the character in different light, bring an idea to your head,which You would never have otherwise ...and so on.

Time to give up the gun and listen to voices around you.
Love and light,