"Naughty or rude about acting?! Oh Miss Joanna!"

Ok, first of all:
There is a word " rude".
And there is a word " naughty".
I can definitely see a difference, even in London people are used to mix them up, And use either -without much thought, I feel.
Rude- ( according Joanna) is a behaviour, that is not socially excepted:
-Not saying "thank you" or " please".
-Not opening the door in front of a woman ( old fashion a bit , I know...)
-Being late.
That's RUDE for me.

"Naughty" well,well... is ...what happens behind closed bedroom door.
-that is ( for example ) naughty....or very naughty:-) or a lighter version of calling someone an asshole!See, now I am rude. Oh...Just Miss Joanna....

So, Naughty about acting...There is much sex in film, in pretty much any and every genre.
Because sex sells,always.
Keep hearing controversial stories, about Hollywood directors, who expect from 2 actors=2 strangers to LITERALLY have sex, during sex scene in the film -as in the script.Of course.
I thought we supposed to act?!
Yes, sure- do what, you can, to make it believable or real for the audience,
But- I am sorry- there is a line, ladies and gentleman...It's not porn industry, it's straight acting.
In this kind of discussions ....( many of them are behind me) I always say:
Ok, so If I play a heroine addict or a whore - should I go to a street corner to " use some"
Or go to Mandarin Hotel to the bar and find " a client"?
So I can experience it for " real"? I am an ACTOR!Get some help!
Crazy world we live in...

Coming back to " being rude" in this industry world...
If you super successful, satisfied with your career, position, and life in general...
Do you have to be rude and arrogant to others?
Well, NOOO - you don't have to.
Anja Rubik Beauty ...above on the picture, is an example of being sincere, modest and so down to earth person, even she got it all...
Somehow, lots of super " big" and successful people from " industry", which I was fortunate to work with, Are very rude.Hurtful even.It's unnecessary.
I always say, that smile and saying " Thank you" does not cost anyone anything.
Besides, I always remember, that giving a positive vibe to the world, will be rewarded with double power...straight back to you, baby!

Naughty, I always will be... Rude- I won't, and will not tolerate it either.
Random gesture of kindness, rather than mindless...please.


4 phases, that get our asses covered in life, in any situation:
Don't say, just think ...and believe " something big" will happened.

Thank you for reading;-) Smile for me.