"My Johnny's...Heroes Time!"

Time for writing again about my HERO guys...
2 Johnnies: Johnny Cash and Johnny Depp..Oh yeah, baby!

Oh, Mr.Depp come to me...
I remember very well, that I got inspired by Johnny Depp super early in life.
I wasn't a celebrity crush,( believe it or not, I have never got one) IT was truly - just an acting inspiration.I love, how he is creating his characters, love hearing the story about the process behind it. Thanks to real people, he is bringing this roles to life etc.
Only recently, I have started watching his interviews, looking at special features on the DVD's with his films, and listen, really listen to his interviews...

Second Johnny, I am giving fair share portion of love is ...Johnny Cash.
For his voice, determination, personality, creativity and his "strong will "to go ahead
Against all odds.
I must admit, I was always aware of his music, as I hear his music often in clubs, That offers live music.I absolutely adore, that suddenly people around me become present and mindful, when they hear their beloved Hero.
To be super honest with you, I went much deeper in the subject,only when I watched " Walk the Line".
And found out more about his extraordinary life ( I love real life story type of films...even though part of it, it's always fictional) and open myself up for this talent, temper.It made me realised,why people really love him.Plus his husky voice...Never get bored- there is no way, anyone can sound any sexier than him....
Extraordinary talent, beautiful person.

When I look at Johnnie Depp, I feel hypnotised ( Aren't we all?!) I mean ' stopped' in this surreal way, like nothing and no one else exists ...very weird.
There is something crazy in his eyes.Yes, definitely He has eyes of a mad man.
For me, it's untouched diamond, as if he is somehow ' unfinished", perfect as He is.
Somehow, for me Mr. Depp is very "raw", when it comes to acting abilities and probably
That's why millions appreciate and love him, me including...
There was a film called " Rum Diary", which I really liked.
I was really admiring, how TRUTHFUL he is, with femme fatale his acting partner -
I was asking myself, if they have an affair ...?! As I was telling myself:
You can't really act this...Can you?
Months later, as I am finding out, he is marrying his acting partner ...Huh...
Was it love, was it the film chemistry and just work?- I will never know that.
I wish, a little bit, I could find that out, somehow...

Sometimes, I hear that, Johnny Cash was and will be always so famous and so huge, because he was such a controversial person.
I don't agree. Scandals aside, there is something that left, that we can be harshly objective with :
His music.
I know people, who were given to listen to him live.
I wish I could.What an experience that must have been.

Today it's Monday night.Go to old fashion place somewhere in London, where they are play live music- where you can drink, chill, talk to friends. Go.
Maybe I will meet me there.

Love you guys!