"Barking....? Be an individual!"

I have been taking about personal style before, and how important it is, in acting. Being different means = you are unique.
Always liked the expression " leaving footprints as human being with our behaviour".
Where is, though, the line between being an " individual,unique artist" and simply a freak, who is losing it?
Huh, the line is very thin, I can tell you that! You have to be a bit of mad freak to be an actor- Or a successful actor... I should add.

Barking? What the fuck? I am actually, totally serious.
Yes, I bark sometimes. I mean literally.
I pretend to be a dog ( Animal experience from The Method) and : bark, smell and moan as a dog, or a puppy ...And to make it even more weird- I don't do it in privacy of my lovely apartment. I do it- of course - in public places, with non- actors friends to make it even more exciting...

Quite recently, I felt this urge in Waitrose, while I was after another bottle of red...
I must tell you, I had a huge acting satisfaction, when staff in the shop were looking for an actual " dog" as animals are not allowed in the store apparently...There was no dog, It was me.
Good acting that must have been!

Someone would say: Seeking attention...?!Not at all!Believe me, I got enough attention at work on day-to-day basis...So...what is it? Why?
Well, I think it's funny, silly, gives me a feeling of random freedom and made me happy, Made me smile and other people around me - despite of what they are thinking in the their heads.
That's what, my friends, I called be "an individual " as I have never seen anyone else doing it, The way I do it.

Getting more serious in the subject regarding acting inspirations...:
Well,I talked before- about inspiring each other- so much, and for me- you can be inspired by others,Even try to do, what they are doing ...without losing " your soul" and colour of YOU in the art.It is really possible, it's not stealing, nor copying it's YOUR interpretation, of how you see the world.It's YOUR truth and you can be very unique, you are creating something extraordinary- while your head is convincing you, the world have seen it already so many times...You couldn't have been more wrong here.

While I am thinking about all those genius acting minds- I'm sure Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe ( that one for sure!!!) or Meryl Streep or James Dean have must been convinced they are losing it...Their own individuality must have driven them crazy and took them to places,that no one even dream of...
Nevertheless, they have all created something absolutely magnificent and unforgettable.
I think we all have tools and super powers.
The only difference is, that those " special people" are not afraid to use them.
They are not scared to be different, unique and think " out of the box".If they fuck it up, they get up , shake it off and move on...

I don't have to go with the flow...and for Fuck Sake....if I wanna bark...let me bark.
Love you guys,