"How Marlon Brando created Don Corleone"

I swear to You...If I can choose out of all men, dead and alive , fictional characters and real people -without a blink I would choose, for my husband to be:-) Don Vito Corleone...!
OHHH my god!
I wish, that one day, I can create a character, that is so irresistible, so breathtaking... Just Exactly like Marlon Brando did it -in The Godfather, one of my beloved films.

I don't know what is it: The Italian sexy arrogance.Being a proud men.Power.
I am not sure:Charm, sensitivity and being so strong and fragile,emotional - all in one..
Properly fucked-up...yet I really don't know a woman,that wouldn't go for it.
There are no men like this left on our planet, sadly!
I promise you,I checked. I went through tinder back to back twice and didn't see THAT.

How the fuck M.Brando create this iconic character ?
Did he wake up one day and said:
"Ok, I am going to be a bulldog in Coppola's new film?!"
Because I know for fact, that he was using this animal exercise from The Method for Vito Corleone and He Was inspired by this funny, yet warm and aggressive type of animal.
Look at his face! It's so obvious.I actually met a dog, that looks like him.
He lives ( still I hope ) in Tunbridge Wells...

Speaking of real places ...Do you know that place called Corleone actually exists- I really want to go there next time, I'm in Italy.

Ok, yes, Marlon was method... I can't help but wonder...- What is behind his successful process ?
I was thinking about it last few weeks.
I have an answer for you guys.
I think " less is more" for Brando in this film.
He is so careful, not to do too much.
He barely does anything.He IS there. That's it.

Also... maybe the whole " Vito Corleone phenomenon" is connected with the subject itself..
Drugs,money, killing people, family ,respect, religion, kindness...all this allowed Marlon Brando.
Create a character on proper foundation of cultural tradition and specific type of behaviour.

I always heard -constantly -stories, how alive, in a moment and so unpredictable Marlon always have been.On Broadway and In Actors Studio, or on film set.
That's why he was a real nightmare to work with.
Because you never ever know what he is going to do, on stage, in front on camera or...
To this acting partner...Scary,right?Even now, it's such a scary scenario and we are taking about things that has happened in 1972...speaking of going ahead of his time...Well done M.B.

Being unpredictable is something I hear lots about myself from not only directors and producers, but also friends and my partners even.
And it's always such a problem.
People cannot handle it, or maybe they just can't handle me.
Being unpredictable nowadays ( read: moody) is in rare times...just being a woman.

Yet, Marlon Brando, the most irresistible and sexy men ever was so "disturbed".
And thank God for that.
The decision is easy and making a choice of being " difficult and genius" or "Boring and average" has never been more simple.

Iconic subject deserve " iconic" picture...this is one of my beloved and most recognised pictures.
I was waiting long time to use it on JUST JOANNA ...now it seems to be the right post...

When did you see The Godfather last time? It has been too long, watch it with me tonight.
Love , hugs!