"Style...in fashion, in acting, in cooking, in sex... Life as we know it!"

Style, hm?
I always truly believe, that every morning , it is way more important for me, to select carefully my thoughts and ideas for the day...than clothes...I still agree with that statement ! ...However...:
Since I started this BLOG 6 months ago, I made lots of new friends in fashion district and...

Well, It is super exciting:American, French, English, German fashion bloggers and fashion designers=They are Not only my new FRiends,that are collaborating with me on regular basis, but also became huge part of my life, whether it comes to day-to-day wear, or my work- dressing up my " characters" on film set or assist with "big night out".It has been great!
I must admit:Thanks guys.

My little newcomer, which really made me happy.
What's up with that?
Little accessory, so much pleasure...thanks LV

It's strange, how life is leading us sometimes.It brings faces and creatives to our life in the most unexpected way...In fact, JUST JOANNA is such a crossover of unexpected events....so out of the blue...that sometimes I still cannot believe it is actually MY blog...
So ...style in fashion- Very important for an actress, isn't it?
What is Style?
It is a selection process, making decision to create a unique statement for outside world...

Lately spending fair amount of time in the kitchen ( as luckily I have someone to cook for) and realised, that every time I wanna achieve unforgettable flavour...!
I don't want my food to be fine or ordinary. That's not enough.
So I make choices and decisions...
Choosing ingredients...to get the desirable effect.
And choosing pieces of wardrobe to get " the desirable effect " too, in front of the mirror, everyday...

That's right.I spend a whole day choosing the right recipes, to pleasure my , very sensitive lately...taste.

It was a success, which motives me to cook more, and more and more...
But I know well, that's just my personality.

Choices in our private life. Style in sex?
Here I think I rather follow rule " go with a flow and do always what feels just right".
But that is a choice itself.
Allowing yourself to completely let go and do what you think is right, or not think at all for that matter...
So when you think about it, Style is our choice, or at least style is coming out of our choice,conscious or unconscious one, choice, that exists in, -Pretty much -every aspect of our life.Personally I am choosing ' freedom " style. Always I'm a bit torn inside, when I hear there are places out there in the world , that STILL doesn't allowed that.
Do what makes you happy and don't hurt anyone.For me that is just common sense, or...like to think of it as Style of my personal freedom.
Thank God, I live in place like London...

I heard from my fashion friend C.C " Joanna,hats are back" and there you go...
No one looked at me as a freak, maybe Londoners are just too busy to really notice each other...Either way - feeling like I have my personal space/style.

And finally Style in Acting...acting styles?
Such a thing exist even?? YES!
Once again, if you an actor ( or artist) your honest, sometimes super risky -choice-makes your work very unique. With every piece of your work ( every casting for example ) you are leaving your footprints and that is what, day by day, is creating your STYLE.

I was always a gambler in life: at work, and in relationships.
Choices and decisions... I think I worked out my own style at work ...pretty well.
15 years, huh? It does take time, for sure.
Good answer for the next time, when I wonder what I have been doing for last 15 years?!

I know now, every casting, every role I am creating on set, is really my OWN.
I owe every minute of my character's breath and wouldn't change a thing.
Because it is my STYLE...how I create a new person.My choice.My decision.
And I will happily deal with all the consequences.

Make you choice.
Hugging you All!