Seems like the whole world is playing a game.
All sorts of games.Sometimes I want to play too, but I don't know the rules.Ideas?Anyone?!

I really like games.
In facts, I love them so much- I decided to choose the profession for life, that allows me to participate in all sorts of games.Mind games.
As acting is a game.
"Subtext"-for example. You say one thing ( as character), but you mean often something completely Opposite.That's acting.Or part of it.
One of the very first "rules", I learned in drama school.

I love playing at work, but in life I prefer be very "see-through"...
Means straight forward, blunt, honest and to the point.
Maybe because, I truly believe it's a waste of time to play games with each other.
And also, if you play with fire, you can get burned or burn someone else.
That's a rule, I think- which is worth to remember.

I realise that in each country I have been living ( list is quite long ) -there are certain rules, you just need to follow, as you are part of the society. Dating, for example.
There is a special code,you need to follow- otherwise your behaviour can be taken: quickly...Very wrongly.I used to be careful and aware of all sorts of codes and signals!
But somehow in my early 30' I am more and more confident, games, behaviour codes And rules to follow are just not interesting for me anymore.
Cliche, but life is too short for it, and I much rather leave it all for work purposes..
It's more fun that way.
And more effective.
And at work you cannot harm anyone, as it's all "pretend".

Original phrase : "The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war." or more common:
All's fair in love and war...makes me smile.
I have a feeling, that over the years less " rules" apply to our day-to-day life, and freedom of behaviour and confidence of self-being has a new meaning...

" Less is more"
No games.Truth and life itself, raw emotions, feelings and thoughts mean MORE and are way, way more interesting than the best game ever.
Although, even for non- actors ....sometimes in certain life situations -it is easier to pretend, hide and " play the game" than face reality?Isn't it ?
Yeah, we all do it.

The most " magnifique" thing about life is, that we all are very fortunate to have a choice...
But...if the House always win, why Gamble?
Just Joanna