"The power (palace ) of our memories..."

Memories are stored in our minds as we go on the road called life...and not that long ago I discovered how powerful our memory can be for us...and most of all,USEful!

It's ThanksGiving today..Perfect day to reflect on your life.
For long time I try to be very mindful and aware when it comes to collecting MY memories.
I am very selective and precise about what I wanna keep, REALLY wanna keep -in my head.
Selecting your thoughts,it's almost like "selecting your clothes every morning". It's a skill you need to learn first and then practice.

Most of all, the most important point I wanna make here, is , that in my life- Memories - some memories are so motivating for me: to keep going, to live and to reach my dreams.

7 years ago I remember when I came to London: I didn't know anyone, I know nothing about acting industry in the Uk and life in general.
In my first week I met with one friend - beautiful Actress (I met her in Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio in New York. Kirsty lives in Glasgow but happened to be in London -luckily for me, at that time) who was kind enough to meet me and tell me all I need to know to start my journey ...( Kirsty S. , if you are reading this: Always know, that none of all those wonderful things would never happened to me, if not Your Help and I always would be so grateful for that,it HAS been 7 years...time to catch up, huh? Love! Xxx)

Beginnings are always hard, but exciting....After few months I was thinking to myself:
London swallowed me ... in one piece...
Building new relationships in acting industry can be so challenging and just hard on you,
...Because people don't get back to you, mess you around and if you want to survive,you need quickly to build you own "bullshit detector", learn who, and when to trust or to say " f*uck off' and leave!

Now, I was walking along, one evening couple of weeks ago and was thinking to myself...
I owned the very same city.Place I felt , in times, completely overwhelmed me...
Now Ladies and Gentleman: I feel I'm in full control and own it.

I wanna share with you a little story.One of my best friends in London happened to be an actress.
As we share the same passion, we of course talk lots about acting and our professional life.
Her career is going better and better, but as every actor on our planet -sometimes things are slowing down for her...and then in a week or so pick up the pace again.
I observed that for months and months now.
I always always tell her - every time something good happened, to register and remember how it feels to be successful and happy with your acting career, so ...next time when things are slow,
She can come back in her head to that positive, rewarding feeling of being " just happy,working, satisfied actress" and that will help survive the difficult time.
That's what I do. For years now and it works! Try it?

As we experience L-I -F-E in professional and private situations, everyday : we are leaving our " footprints" everywhere and..it's so important to do it.
It doesn't matter, if you get the job or not.It's important,if you have been remembered and how You have been remembered...
And finally what you can get out of this memory, that experience for yourself and for your future...

Time for social experience - ready!!! So:
Get a pen and paper ( your diary if you have one ) and wrote down 5 the most amazing
Things that happened in your career...
Stuck it on the fridge or if not...( too private ) hide somewhere, where it's safe for you.
And next time something goes wrong ( career wise but not only) , get it out and think how AMAZING it feels when each or one of those successful stories happened to you...
I swear it works ...You will know your worse days will pass and ...That's all worth the hassle! Soo worth it..At the end.

Place, that I have a huge pleasure to visit ( for casting yet again) and always so happy to come back.Little dream factory...BBC Elstree Studios. Yeah, I had a casting this Monday.
It went great, I couldn't change a thing... and that's what I want to remember.

Love to you All, Happy Thanksgiving my friends!