"Actors for Yoga"

I really do love Yoga. I checked probably all the Yoga Studios in London and always look for new inspiring classes...whereever I am. In New York. in Bali...or in my Islington.
I started my yoga journey over ten years ago and I honestly don't think I ever stop:-)

Actors often are required to be more mindful, aware and well-connected to their body, spirit and Be open to their emotions.Way more than other people.And I think it is right that we are expected to be all those things...Yoga seems to be for actors/ artists ( but not only) on a paper -a perfect way to get to know our SELF.

No wonder why I see more and more on the streets of London adverts for " Yoga for Actors" classes...
Like we need some kind of special process or special treatment :-)
Well, certailnly someone ( Ha! no just one person as it seems...)very rightly, thought it could be an idea to make good money.

Ok, so I decided to turn around this phrase..
Instead of thinking about what Yoga can " give " us actors, I wonder what we ( as those more mindful, open, more aware of our emotions ..human beings) can bring to the Yoga class ?
"Actors for Yoga?"
Do I have anything to offer when I decide to join group of London strangers to be practicing this beautiful physical,mental and spiritual practice or discipline, that aim to transform my body and mind ?

I dare to say : YES!
I can almost see and most definitely feel how my personal energy shift something in the air in Yoga Studio.To start with:I smile to people around me.For NO particular reason.
I am happy, healthy and there is really NO reason for me not to give a positive energy to a person next to me, who , like me, decide to dedicate 90 minutes or so ...to work on them - SELF.
It doesn't cost anything to bring something nice, positive and energising to the Space...
But somehow people don't really do it very often.Shame.

Yoga Class is a perfect place for that.
And I always thought Actors have such a great opportunity to create for example: Positive vibe...as at the end of the day, this is a huge part of our job: CREATE.

Winter is coming. Go to Yoga. And take an actor Friend :-) see what happens...
Love, Stay warm!Hot Chocolate and hot water bottles time:-)

Very excited to share my latest interview with you...Link!
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