"Who says I don't act in life...?!? ...Backstage of SCOPIA premiere..."

Well, well...We all act in life :-) I think...
I certailnly do, and not just because I am an actor and that's my job.
Sometimes is easier/more comfortable/ more suitable to just hide our real feelings, Hide some dark thoughts that we all have in your minds, and say or behave in specific way as " the situation " requires it from us. Following some sort of code.Behaviour code.
Don't you agree?

"With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it's just not acting. It's lying." - I didn't say that.Johnny Depp said it and I agree so much with him.

Following my thoughts for previous blogs here, if acting is a state of being, not a state of pretending, we ALL act all the time.The only difference is, Actors additionally have to deal with Imaginery circumstances of the world that was created as artistic process...to make a film, to tell the story.And they are filmed, of course.

My Scopia night :-) -What was I acting AS that night then?

I was An actress, who ACT that she feels probably more comfortable with "celebrity treatment" that she actually is...I can get used to that, I think:-)

I love my night though.Scopia had a premiere at Leicester Sq in Empire Cinema and it was so beautiful and so moving to see the film with an audience on a big screen. I was touched and moved every second- I have been waiting 4 years for that moment.
To make the event even more special, SCOPIA was premiered during British Horror Film Festival. We got 4 nominations, 1 Award for Best Cinematography.
And I could not be more proud or more happy.
I was nominated first time for performance in Feature film for BEST ACTRESS and getting so much attention regarding my acting work.It felt ...well...-odd and well- deserved in the same time.
It was very surreal night.
Night that I will never forget.For SCOPIA I know it's a beginning of the journey, more Awards,
Distribution in many countries...So much to look foward to.

Again....I feel very grateful for huge, amazing support I got, in this life changing event for me.Thank you so much.To all my friends, strangers, fans, My blog readers,my family, facebook and twitter followers,and many many directors, actors,Producers that were there for me with all their hearts.I certailnly FELT that.
Life is Beautiful.