"New York, New heart..."

New York City has a very special place in my heart and always will have. No matter where I live now and how far I am...
I heard that 'Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.'
And that's a sentence that fits perfect to NYC.And by saying that I don't have just 9/11 in mind...
New York is a place, where all your dreams crush with the reality ( such a " rat race" city) and new ideas and goals appear and materialise them self...over night in same cases - if you lucky.

This picture below is following me everywhere and anywhere, wherever I go...since I left NYC in 2007.It's just so iconic and powerful.How come there is a place in the world where you feel everything is possible and so available to us?

Let's talk about what NYC is for me...
Why I moved from Warsaw over the Atlantic ?
I wanted new " me", I wanted " new experience ", I wanted something fresh ... And ...
Of course, I wanted to be in legendary Lee Strasberg Actors Studio and in fact, I felt I got that "gift" from the city from Day One, everything I believed I know about acting and myself too...Well...it was totally destroyed, ruined,washed away from my mind.
And I was calmed about it.I was very ready and open for everything new that life has for me.
I often refer my studies in NYC as " brain wash" experience, but only in a good way.
I felt like I had to have a clean mind, start from the scratch so I can absorbed everything like a dry sponge...New technique, METHOD acting- Wow, it feels like it's all started yesterday..
It's almost like I got a " new heart" ..new heart beat. I started to be mindful in life and at work.
I started see things differently. And I am so grateful for that.
It was such a transformation- and without leaving everything behind me, it would not be possible.
Ruin is a chance for NEW start. I always try to remember that.
New York " experience" was truly an American dream to me, from the beginning to the end, Such an extraordinary time in my life which I never forget.

In New York I met many wonderful people, few of them I always call " my New York family" and Even far away and not always in touch, we always pick up when we left off.
Like time and distance will never be able to divide us.
Amy, Rob, Cole and Dora: I'm dedicating this post to you guys and remember "you always with me, as I always have you in my heart."

Xoxo ( the New York way )