This is a special edition of my post 13 ( lucky??!) here ...as I decided to dedicate it to all amazing people I worked with on DARK SIGNAL! The whole world deserve to know how grateful I am...

It's my speech from Wrap Party which I read on our last day:

"I wanna start with telling you how grateful I am to the whole crew ,to each single one of you For your hard work on this production over last month.
Big thank you! Thank you so so much! I have a huge respect for you all, for putting your heart into this film and for everything you have done.
There is nothing more that I can ever dream of or wish for -than working with people that Are so passionate about making a great film, and have that spark in the eyes and love for What they doing. So simple and not so often I can see that.
I have a whole wrap party night to say thank you to you individually, there are just Few people I would like to mention now:

2 wonderful gentleman : Ed and Jonas,
Well, firstly Thank you so much for bringing all of us together, For creating our team here, without you guys none of this would ever have happened. Well done for getting all of this wonderful personalities in one room!
Thank you for trusting me with challenging,demanding and beautiful Lead character as Kate is , it was an extraordinary experience to be her for 2 months of my life.

Jonas, thank you for being super helpful with everything I ever asked for, You are excellent with defusing problems,you are very diplomatic and my special thanks to you for remaining Calm all the way through.

Ed, well there is so many things I am so fucking grateful, I think one of the most important things for me is, that I have your support all the way through, You honesty, your directions, clarity.You never question my way of working, my method, And always allowed me to have a space to be creative.Thank you so much!
I am very proud of our collaboration.

I know the film now is in safe hands, and no matter what will happened with it from tomorrow, This film and Kate will always have a very special place in my heart.

The energy thats just behind the camera can really effect my work and my process, therefore I want to say thank you to Adrian for being super calm and relax around me when I knew and i saw the situation was stressful and when we all were under huge pressure to make just the shot done.

I want to say BIG thanks to my girls from Make-Up and Wardrobe: Nicky, Becky, Kim, Char and Vicky for all your hard work on my " fucked-up" look.

It was so realistic and certainly helped me to create a " real" person" in the film.

Special Thanks to Kix, for being so wonderful to me, helpful and made the reality of the set locations so believable to me..

Before the Nick's....( My lovely Readers..I can't tell you what scene I am talking about here) scene I wrote a letter which I asked Ed to read during production meeting on that day of filming. I was asking you for support, understanding, and not taking my acting process personal in any way on that day,and for giving me special space for that particular very important for me scene in the film.
Again, I am really grateful to you for respecting my acting process, every single person Was so understanding and supportive and that's very touching and moving for me that everyone followed what I asked for.
Thank you for that!

There is always a person in the crew that I called a " good ghost " of the production.
I was lucky enough to see we have at least 3 of them...
3 people that are always happy, never stressed or miserable, always so so kean to help with whatever Is to do and always bring positive energy and have big smile on their faces:its our runner Gareth, Simon, and Laura!Well done guys, thanks for bringing positive spirit here, you are so inspiring and I have so much to learn from you!

I want to say BIG THAnk you to all beautiful actors I have a pleasure to work with. Even though, with few wonderful ladies I did not have a chance to work much in actual scenes, It was an amazing experience to have many conversations, over this special time I spend here, I felt your support, appreciate your help and enjoyed real connection which is something I craved for a while,So thank you very much for being there for me.
Big thanks to my main screen partners : Gareth and Duncan:

Gareth, Thank you for respecting my way of working, I know our approach to acting is quite different, I always felt I have your support and space I needed to have.
Sorry for biting your lip! Hope it will be worth it when we see that scene on big screen.

Duncan, well... thank you for endless amount of rehearsals that I needed, thanks for your patience, and for big calm and supportive when I didn't expected at all and probably needed the most.Despite of, how it can look for all of you, I really enjoyed working with you, Duncan.
There is the " KATE" part of me that loves you very much and that's very real to me.

I learned a lot here, as an actress and as a person. IT was such a valuable experience And I will always thank my lucky star that I was blessed and so lucky to be part of this film.
I feel very proud of what we achieved, I feel I am just a little part of this huge machine, I am the luckiest girl in the world right now! And I really can't wait now to see the effect of our hard work.

Thank you guys so much!

Peace and love...

f Part of me is very sad my journey with KATE is really over.
Looking forward to see the film on the big screen...
Special Thanks to my dear friend Paul for recommending me for is production.