"Actors on tinder....Yes, I'm a tinder actor!"

Well, well...I found somewhere on internet a result of an interesting survey...
Which is the most comman occupation from all Tinder users?!
Actors.Of course...Is it that obvious though?
If you are over 30, living in London, have a busy career life and you are over emotional, Drained from everyday drama, you may need a little help, when It comes to find a date.
The perfect date.

Why there are so many actors on Dating App like Tinder??
I know why I am on Tinder.I tell you why:Because I don't really want date People from my industry And 99 per-cent of my time I spend ironically-at Work!!! surrounded by People from my industry.That's it.That's the reason.

Maybe the other reason is, why tinder actors are so comman,is that as self-employed - actors, always have iiregular schedule...have lots of time in their hands ( not me anyway) And it's just easy to " play" on Tinder...In Australia aparently is a sex App. In London I think it is a truely dating App,but I may be wrong?! I can't help, but wonder how much of an impact acting profession have on actor's life and their desicion making process?Would you say actors are "more brave", when it comes to taking all sorts of risk than People with " normal" jobs?

The other reason, that comes to my head to anwser the question :why there are so many of us, looking for dates online ...Ok-Let's be honest :
We need drama :-) we really do, and when we don't get enough of it at work,than something like Tinder may be temporarly a Replacement in a way.Let's face it. It is so exciting/ risky=dangerous on odd occasions, as believe me, there are a lot of freaks out there...and we-actors, like to gamble,don't we...?

Lots of actors I know are quite naive, me including, dreamer type...no judgement, just a fact!
Maybe some of us, believe and try to find the " one"?
That's such an overrated idea for me...One soulmate in the lifetime?
And if I don't find them on Tinder, than what?
Should I shoot myself right now?

Love, love, love...crazy love