"Mama told me not too waste my life, spread your wings my little butterfly... "

That's right.And I always listen to my mom, or almost always:-)
This year was been such a roller coaster ...4 months in Jordan filming TV series, 7 weeks in London when I managed to do 5 films and now 5 weeks in Wales, I will wrap this feature film on the 14th of September and start rehearsals for exciting play in London on the 15th...
I'm certainly not wasting ANY time lately...

Few years ago after seeing EDIE in Factory Girl I said to myself I wanna live everyday like it's my last day, and quite successfully I am following that thought.

Use time to maximum, I see my actors friends wasting so much time, I keep motivating everyone around me as much as I can....Continuously....There is something strange about artists, which allowed them to have a relax attitude towards work and life in general and ...sadly that's when the time is wasted most of all...
I always believe key to success is taking YOUR career in your hands...not waiting around and wasting time ( yeah right: because one day agent gonna call with perfect casting for perfect role...!?) Oh wake up!!!

Well, at the end of the day, life is too short to do anything that does NOT make you happy.
As it happened for me, there is nothing else that makes me as happy as acting=my work and I would never waste a minute for " unnecessary " activities...

Again,somehow in this very right moment I feel so blessed, grateful and just so lucky..., that my lifetime passion has become for me a way to make a living!
Love and light