"Am I.....?

On Method Acting Part 1 ...Am I crazy? Am I a method Actor?
Isn't it the same thing?

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Daniel Day- Lewis...and me and many,many others like my beloved Marilyn Monroe.
Big names and...such an extraordinary examples of Method Acting.
What is really to be a method actor?I often say that as second sentence when I'm introducing myself ( first sentence is ...my name is Joanna;)
Well,for me it is as simple as the fact, that I AM the character I'm playing.
The moment I start working on new role, I become a new ME.
That's it.
The character I'm playing is me in imaginery circumstances.
If I'm sick with fever, my character is , as well.That's why every scene I'm playing again and again it's ALWAYS different within a reason, of course.A little bit different, always alive, changing just enough for me to know it's fresh reaction, just like in life, facing the same situation I react different everytime...

Is it dangerous?
That it mean I am crazy? Completely losing my mind by following this process?
Well...certailnly, feel that way on odd occasions..

Giving that subject more thoughts, I cant help but wonder....
Maybe it is the world that went completely crazy ? And I am where I was, constantly contain and calm, just following the acting process, which seems to me it doesn't fit anymore the changing reality of our modern times.

In Actors Studio I often heard " Do whatever makes you happy, choose very carefully what works for you the best". I'm a method actor and it does makes me happy.I am sure over the years, I did many modifications and developed my own method and that is really, what works for me...the best.
With traditional training of the method, I feel I have a safety net, something I can fall back on, when I am stuck.

Again,in NYC while I was training, I heard lots from one of my favorite teachers: "Joanna, You use the method when the talent is stuck.Most of the time , the acting talent you have does the job for you,On rare occasions in future- when its just NOT there for you, you can use the method."
And that's what I did, ever since.

Miss you all very much.Still ...I am working hard on latest feature DARK SIGNAL.
I promise I will try to write more for you.Thanks so much for all emails, messages, for your love, positive energy, warm & kind words and continues support! I'm so grateful and happy that you all loving my Blog.

Love and light to you...