Adrena(line) ....THE buzz on set it's like a drug...

Here is me on my latest set in Wales while we were filming scenes in the car...

Hi You guys!
For last 2.5 weeks I have been filming my latest feature DARK SIGNAL..as you know already!
I feel Like I'm on "super happy drug" all the time, all day long. I'm always shocked that everytime I'm starting work on something new- it feels like I am on film set first time in my life...Everytime !!! -I'm getting this rush,know what I mean? ...

It's going great so far- of course I'm feeling exhausted, emotionally drained most of the time...
Tight schedule as per usual is on and I feel everyone involved are a bit stressed, most definitely under pressure...Crew and cast- every single person! want to do the job the best... they only can...Then I know, I am so lucky because I am surrounded by professionals with passion for Filmmaking, with passion for telling the story...

So let's TALK about comparing acting to drug addiction...
Harsh words...Well, I'm definitely think that being an actor is less harmful than be A drug addict for sure...This is my blog and I can only speak for myself...from My own experiences...but I know I am not alone here:
Something is happening in my brain, in my mind, even in my stomach, when I'm experiencing.
The very VERY specific energy that is present on film set.
It's slightly different every time, but it has very similar impact on me each time.


Heartbeat that goes faster and suddenly you are becoming very aware of it and very mindful, very present.Rush of adrenaline, blood is going faster through your veins and you just know-
Something is going on, SOMETHING is about to happen and it's inevitable.As an actor you have such an enormous effect on your actors partners, crew and even the...space that you are in.

And you know what?
This is probably one of the reasons, why I love acting so much.
I just really enjoy that FEELING, there is NO OTHER feeling like that.
And at the end of the day...Creating films,Acting, building characters, coming up with emotions in scenes, finding YOUR truth in the moment , all that...... is supposed to be FUN, most of all.

It's so, so much more than work for me and I am so sure of it.
I do have a lot of fun while I'm working... like on picture above ;-)
Love to you all...