Scopia Obsession....!

June 2010...Over 4 years ago something absolutely incredible and wonderful has happened to me.I won the casting and got cast as a lead in feature film SCOPIA.
And that changed my life.Inevitably.
I have been acting for 15 years.I have been in more that 130 productions in my life.
And...SCOPIA is the ONE.The feature film and role I have been waiting all my life.
It's my baby :-) I had, with the director/ writer of the film,Christopher Butler.No matter what happens in future with my career, Basia- the character I'm playing, will always have a very special place in my heart.
I was working on this production for 4 years! Can you believe that?!
For 48 months a person- a friend, was living in my heart, in my mind and somehow I don't think
I will be ever able to let go of HER completely.

Scopia is...very emotional film about reincarnation, and about finding yourself.
As a method actor, I took this role super seriously. I went through all traumatic, emotional states, as everything in the story really has happened to me.
I was shaken so many times to my very core.

I remember one particular day on set -very well.
I was doing a very dramatic scene.I was crying and screaming,lying on the floor as I was so traumatised and scared .... I even literally could not move.
After I heard "CUT" , I couldn't move, couldn't breathe and couldn't stop crying.The scene was still going on for me.There was no way I could stop at that moment.
The director, Chris was there for me...He was shouting..." Everyone, out, get the f...out of here!
I need to be with Joanna."And then he was lying next to me.Patiently,he was repeating, that I am safe and that the scene was amazing, while he was cuddling me on cold floor.I will never forget that day.In that very specific moment I realised,how far I am able to go ...to get what I want - not just on acting, in life too.
Of course, I calmed down after a while and followed the schedule and next scenes..

SCOPIA is doing so well and I am so proud of this film.I am absolutely obsessed- in a good way:
I will be updating you all with progress,(We had already our accent in Cannes) festivals news, and of course! theatrical release in the Uk, Us and everywhere else in the world....Coming very, very soon...