ACTING…in Bali...

December 2013... I was in Bali.On my own.I kept saying to myself, for a long time, that I needed a break. I said it to everyone.And what I did at the end : I took a break from my busy London life bubble to run anyway to Bali, but only because I wanted to do different kind of acting work. That is the truth, and that's what I did.

In Bali I was acting and working on myself on my own ,I wanted to have peace of mind to work even harder. I felt I came back to the times when I was studying in Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio in New York - that was the most intense time in my professional life, when it comes to working on myself as an actor.
In December 2013, it was over 6 years since I left Actors Studio and great NYC.I craved so much, just to have a little bit of mind detox.

So what I was doing with all my days over there?
Can you see how relaxed I am on the picture above?
Yeah, that's was the first step, to fully chill and not to think about anything, which is such a difficult task for me. I stared deeply into the waters, the garden pool and the ocean for hours. HOURS.

Then for the next few days I plunged myself in monologue work.I was using the music from my Ipod as emotional inspiration- I did sense memory exercises ( one full blog will be on them), I did lots of yoga and running, and If I was thinking at all, it was completely focused on WHO I am as an actor, as a woman and as a human being... And what direction I want to go in NOW...What do I want to improve…?
Lots - but it always has to be done with baby steps, one thing after another. This is what I wanted to do. I must say going so far away, existing in Bali on my own for 8-12 hours a day was satisfying, I charged my batteries and even now in London, I often come back to Bali in my mind, and it feels so good.

It was also nice to play with the turtles and to have very simple feeling that life is also a pleasure.
Pure pleasure. Nothing else matters.So important.

Phone on silent today.
Music. Bed. Pictures. It's Bali time…