Reviews for performance in Leading Role in feature film THE SCOPIA EFFECT, 2015

"...Scarily, painfully, the story is held together by the good acting from a young actress whom it’s hoped has a lot more roles coming her way. Joanna Ignaczewska gives a brilliant, completely unselfconscious performance which really makes the whole film work."

Wed, 29 Apr 2015,Jane Foster, Review Britflicks

“...Throughout, Joanna Ignaczewska grounds the otherworldly chaos with a believable, human gravity. Lines like “Something has awoken inside of me…” become tragic as well as traditional for the genre, while her wide-eyed silence is reinforced by the sterling visual effects work, which overcomes its low budget by relying on the practical more than the digital: one flash of our heroine protruding out of a skirting board is horribly effective.”

Ivan Radford | On 27, Apr 2015 VOD film review: The Scopia Effect

"...tackling both the issues Basia has to face with her depression and the horrors that are coming to her from these alternate realities. This is all handled well by Ignaczewska, who has a magnetic presence on screen and proves to be the films best asset throughout, her performance keeping the film grounded especially, when some of the more fantastical elements begin to creep in as the film progresses."

Home Entertainment Reviews Apr 29, 2015 2015 Liam Hoofe for HEYUGUYS

"...Ignaczewska provides a strong emotional centre as Basia. She conveys the fragility of the character but there’s a determination to claw her way back to a normal life that keeps us invested in her journey beyond the trauma and the screaming."

by Jonathan Hatfull, 27 April 2015, SciFiNow magazine

"...Ignaczewska who gives Basia an honest and raw intensity as an ordinary woman whose reality crumbles around her as the truth of her past reincarnations is slowly revealed."

"...Joanna Ignaczewska does an excellent job of capturing Basia dealing with the consequences of depression and the experience of past lives haunting her. The former being a difficult journey regardless. Ignaczewska grounds the character throughout the multi-layered plot. She works well with the script to capture the beauty of everyday life. We see an interesting and not fully realised relationship with a friend, who is disconnected from Basia’s feelings about her depression and the effects of her past lives." - WHAT NOT FILM

"...the complexity of the protagonist Basia keeps the audience hooked as there is no linear or predictable outcome as to how the movie is going to end. Ignaczewska shines in the role of Basia, effortlessly conveying the tension and vulnerability of her character during the stages of her mental transition." - AMP MAGAZINE

"...Ignaczewska shines in the role of Basia, effortlessly conveying the tension and vulnerability of her character during the stages of her mental transition."


"...Joanna Ignaczewska, who plays Basia, carries the film with a committed and powerful performance.Ignaczewska’s portrayal of this young woman in pain is heartfelt and truly moving. With an effortless amount of dedication she puts her entire self in to the film and it shows. She begins the film with a believable sense of childish naivety and subtle close-ups on her eyes and twiddling fingers show, that there is a certain amount of pain present within her. As the film continues, the pain increases and with it, her performance strengthen and becomes even more natural, as she truly becomes her character.As an audience, we are drawn to her and are embraced by her story. We, too, travel along her painful path and witness the terrors as she does. The film is immersive and relentless and it becomes impossible to escape from it’s stunning clutches."

April 29th, 2015 Jessy Williams for SCREAM: The Horror Magazine

"...Yet the film would be nothing without Warsaw-born, Strasberg-trained method actress Ignaczewska, who commits herself body and soul to the role, and is utterly convincing in it."

25.04.2015, David Hughes, Review for THE HORROR SHOW.TV

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